STEVE MBOGO was born on October 29th 1986 in Mt. Elgon Hospital Kitale, the second of four children of Mr. Joseph Ndwiga and his wife, Francesca Ndwiga, and the only son. Both His parents were business people in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County. After a humble childhood, Steve Mbogo started his basic education in Kitale Academy in 1990 and ended it in Nairobi’s St.Aquinas High School in 2004 where he had gone to live with his brother James Mbogo. 
Steve was upwardly polite and uprightly obedient. Nonetheless, it is a decision he took after completing high school that some would have considered irrational: he declined a chance to join the prestigious University of Nairobi, the best university in the East African region then, much to the dismay of his parents, friends and teachers. Instead, he saw better prospects abroad and applied to Cairo University in Egypt where he was offered a place plus full tuition fee. Even then he did not have air fare and money for upkeep. It took the intervention of Mr. Thomas Britol, an American family friend, for Steve Mbogo to travel. He later got Mosky and African-Arab Institute scholarships for his studies.
Steve Mbogo graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Cairo University School of Business in 2008. After completing postgraduate studies at the London School Of Economics in 2010, he received the Samuel Morse Lane Scholarship to pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at University Of South Australia(UNISA, Adelaide), graduating in 2012. He subsequently gained admission to UNISA Flying School training as a pilot and earning a Private Pilot’s License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) certificates in 2011 and 2012 respectively. In the course of his Masters studies at UNISA, he received awards from the Association of Australian Professional Pilots, the Johnson Institute of Business Administration, and the Institute for the Study of World Business. He subsequently joined the Trans Australian Airlines as a co-pilot and administrative assistant in charge of the firm’s project finance. After completing his PPL, Steve worked with Trans Australian Airlines for a year and Joined Qatar Airways in January 2013 as Business Development Manager based in Dubai. 
Steve Mbogo is a Fellow of the Australian Higher Education Academy and a Certified Public Secretary in Kenya, Egypt and Australia. He has advised States, international organizations and non-governmental organizations on matters of Commercial law and Procurement Management. He has advised and assisted counsel or provided expert opinions in cases before the International Court of Justice, the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, international arbitral tribunals, WTO and NAFTA Dispute Settlement Panels as well as cases in Australia, Germany and the United States of America. He has worked with the African Union and IGAD on issues relating to international Commercial law and human rights law; acted as consultant for the African Union on the international criminal court and on the law relating to terrorism; and also as a consultant for the Commonwealth Secretariat on the law of armed conflict and international criminal law. He has also provided training on commercial law to diplomats, military officers and other government officials.
He has also been involved, in various capacities, in the promotion of equality of opportunity and good relations in Australia. Apart from serving as the Secretary General for the Australian Council for Ethnic Minorities (an NGO that promotes equality of opportunity, peace, and reconciliation in the transitional society of Northern Ireland), he has been a management board member of the African and Caribbean Support Organization for Australia (an organization that works to promote tolerance, multiculturalism, and peaceful co-existence in Australia through dialogue, art, culture, and music).
Whilst in Adelaide- Australia, he was actively involved in sourcing funding and running of the 2010 event entitled “Abolition of Slave Trade – 200 Years: Remembrance, Learning, and Tackling Contemporary Legacies of Slavery”, which sought to explore ways of using lessons from the abolition of slave trade campaigns to combat present day social injustices and exploitations.
Additionally, he has served as a consultant on corporate governance for a variety of local and international organizations, including the Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSD), Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA), Institute of Directors, Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya, Champions of Governance Award, Training and Consultant Associates (TCA), and John May & Company Advocates.
• 2014, “Company Directors’ Course: Establishing Good Corporate Governance”, Training and Consultant Associates (TCA), Trainer, White sands Hotel, Mombasa, February 15-17, 2014.
• 2013, “Corporate Governance Training for the Public Procurement Oversight Authority”, Kenya School of Law’s Continuing Professional Development Programme, Trainer, Voyager Beach Resort, Mombasa, May 22, 2013.
• 2014, “Corporate Human Rights Norms and the Clog of Limited Liability within Corporate Groups.” A paper presented at the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility 7th Annual Symposium – “Sphere of Influence/Sphere of Responsibility: Multinational Corporations and Human Rights”, Oxford University, January 7, 2014.
• 2014, “Power Sharing Models in Kenya and Zimbabwe.” A paper presented at the Australian Group’s Political Circle, UNISA Metropolitan Hall, Adelaide June 10, 2014
• 2008, “Human Rights, Violence and the Elections in Kenya”, Public Lecture, Harvard Law Schools’ Human Rights Program, Pound Hall, Harvard University, January 9, 2008.
• 2013, “The Elections in Kenya: Ethnicity, Violence, and Human Rights Implications,” Public Lecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), McLaren Building, December 1 2013.
• 2014, “Corporations and Human Rights”, Lecture, School of Business, University of Texas, Houston, April 25, 2014.
• 2014, “African Development: What Role for Business?” Chair for the Legal Issues and Social Responsibility stream of the International Academy of African Business and Development conference, Egypt Institute of Management and Development, Cairo, between May 23-27, 2014.
• 2013, “Human Rights, Development and Corporate Social Responsibility”, Speaker at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs Conference, Lynne Park, Sydney, June 11, 2013.

• Listed as one of Time’s 100 people who most affected the world in 2012 
• Named as one of the 75 most influential people of the 21st century by Esquire magazine. 
• In February 2013, Forbes listed Steve Mbogo as one of Africa’s 20 most powerful CEOs 30 and under”.
• KEPSA’S Chandaria Trophy in 2012/2013, given for leadership of the most significant achievement in Business and Youth Empowerment. Prior recipients include Chris Kirubi and Sir Charles Njonjo
• KWS 2013 National Conservation Achievement award for his efforts in wildlife conservation through the Lewa Conservancy. 
• Drum Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2013 
• In March 2014, Steve Mbogo was elected to the board of trustees of the Nairobi Institute of Technology. 
• In 2012, Steve Mbogo was honored as a Legendary Leader at the Churchill Club Awards of Australia.
• Steve Mbogo was the 2013 recipient of True Love magazine’s East African Ingenuity Award in the Technology category.

STEVE MBOGO is only 28, but in less than a decade, the Kenyan-born maverick entrepreneur has accomplished what only few attain in their lifetime. Steve began his entrepreneurial journey over 15 years ago as a high school student in St. Aquinas Nairobi, where he sold computers to his schoolmates and friends. That small trading operation grew into the Rhezor Group of Companies, a diversified conglomerate with approximately $ 130 million in revenues, according to Steve. The Rhezor Group of Companies has operations in 4 continents with offices in over 73 countries.
Steve defies expectations. At age 28, the Kenyan entrepreneur has built an empire spanning real estate, manufacturing, renewable energy, ICT, Insurance, Aviation and investments that ranks him as one of the wealthiest people in Africa. 
He is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of luxury goods company Rhezor Kenya Ltd. He also also serves as Non-Executive Chair of Fly 540 Airways and Youth Aviation Company Kenya. Steve Mbogo owns the Della wine estate, and took part in the development of the renowned Mimosa Golf Club. He also served as Board Chairman at Faulu Bank. Steve Mbogo was ranked the richest man Under 30 in East Africa, according to Forbes in 2014.
Steve also owns twelve 4-star Hotels across Kenya, thirty two apartment blocks in Nairobi, two insurance companies in Uganda, six Night clubs in Nakuru, Kisumu and Nairobi, and a flight training academy in Wilson Airport, Nairobi. He jointly owns and manages two law firms and three stockbrokerage companies at the Nairobi Securities Exchange. 
Steve is also a motivational speaker. He holds monthly motivational talks at Hilton Hotel, mentoring Young Kenyans and Africans on entrepreneurship, Academic excellence and moral uprightness. He is also the Patron of KUSO-Kenya University Students Organization, a powerful and vibrant organization with broad networks across all the 33 universities and colleges of Kenya.


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